IER News Issue 11
September 2023

John Van Wingerden \ September 7, 2023

A Letter from Doug Kelley, President of IER

Headshot of Doug Kelley, President of IER

Hello, everyone. I hope everybody has enjoyed, and is still enjoying a relaxing, happy, and healthy summer.  Though I have to admit, it’s been a challenge with the extremes of climate change beginning to pop up all around us.  Over the past few years, we’ve learned new terms like bomb-cyclone, heat-dome, and atmospheric-river.  You know things are changing when Northern Alberta’s forest fire season began in May!  These observations are daily reminders of how important it is to minimize the environmental stresses we’re causing to our planet.

To that end, by the time this newsletter goes out our new ALKA-Mag+ Hydration Plant will be in operation in Lufkin, TX!  This has been an incredible challenge to build through the midst of the pandemic, but we are finally there!  In our next newsletter we’ll have much more to share, but suffice it to say that we’re extremely excited to be able to offer our products and services to the Gulf Coast region!

Closer to our home in the Pacific Northwest, we are sharing the results from an incredibly interesting multiyear study at King County’s Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Plant to replace the use of caustic soda with ALKA-Mag+.  The original expectations were related to improving employee safety and cost savings from reduced chemical usage.  However, Brightwater’s membrane bioreactor facility observed dramatic process and flow improvements that resulted in significant energy savings and reduced carbon footprint!

Based on the great results from the Brightwater study, we carried out a literature review to see if there was any known science on the effect that the magnesium ion (Mg2+) might have on membranes.  What we found regarding the antimicrobial effect of magnesium on biofilm formation was extremely enlightening!  I hope you find time to read this interesting article.

Lastly, we are excited to introduce you to another of our stalwart IER employees.  This fellow has risen rapidly in our organization within a single year to take over the role of Plant Manager at our flagship plant in Pasco, WA.  Despite being new to the job, he has been a steadying force and a refreshing leader!  I hope you enjoy getting to know him a little better.

Enjoy the newsletter, and stay cool out there!


Magnesium Hydroxide for Improved Membrane Bioreactor Performance

Replacement of Caustic Soda with ALKA-Magin a Membrane Bioreactor wastewater treatment process

Introducing Evan Mendoza, Pasco Plant Manager



Magnesium Hydroxide for Improved Membrane Bioreactor Performance

The processes of treating wastewater have evolved dramatically since the Clean Water Act became law in 1974, resulting in scientific synergies that blend advances in engineering and microbiology to more effectively separate and recover valued wastewater components (clean water for reuse, nutritional solids for land reuse, and renewable energy).

Click here to learn about the effect of magnesium on biofilm growth.
Customer Story

Replacement of Caustic Soda with ALKA-Mag+ in a Membrane Bioreactor wastewater treatment process

 The Brightwater Treatment Plant Operated by King County is located near Woodinville WA and has the capacity to treat 36MG of wastewater via a membrane bioreactor (MBR) process.The plant location is in an extremely sensitive area for both environmental and aesthetic factors, requiring the Brightwater staff to optimally design, implement, and maintain their processes, to which they have succeeded – being consistently recognized for design and compliance with state and federal permit limits.

Click here to read the complete customer story
Our people

Introducing Evan Mendoza , Pasco Plant Manager

Evan came over to IER in 2022 and took on the role of Plant Manager at IER’s Pasco plant.  In this role Evan oversees the day-to-day operations of the production and delivery of IER’s ALKA-Mag+.

Read his full bio


June 09, 2021
Magnesium Hydroxide’s Role in Sludge Compaction

Trying to determine how to improve wastewater sludge dewatering and compaction can be a very complicated process.  The root cause

January 18, 2024
ALKA-Mag+ Mg(OH)2: alternative to caustic soda for wastewater treatment – with IER’s Lufkin TX facility

A safe and cost-effective alternative to the use of sodium hydroxide [caustic soda, NaOH] for wastewater alkalinity and pH adjustment

January 06, 2024
IER News Issue 12 – January 2024

A Letter from Doug Kelley, President of IER Hi everyone! I hope everybody had a very relaxing and Merry Christmas!

January 06, 2024
Magnesium Hydroxide – the Most Powerful and the Most Gentle

This is a common discussion I’ve had over the years with wastewater operations folks that struggle to understand this reality. 

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