Odor & Corrosion Control

Unlike other agents, which can be costly, potentially hazardous, and targeted at a single issue, ALKA-Mag+ offers a safe and cost-effective strategy for odour and corrosion control.

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Excessive odor in sewage network, causing odor complaints ?

Heavy build-up of Fogs layers in the network causing severe corrosion ?

Excess usage of chemicals like lime and alum, & iron salts leading to high maintenance costs ?

Frequent need for vacuum truck cleaning leading to an increase in maintenance costs ?

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas is produced in wastewater, causing odor and corrosion issues in sewer systems

Hydrogen sulfide is present due to anaerobic activity, which favors sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) and results in the generation of a poisonous rotten egg gas called H2S. ALKA-Mag+ effectively locks up H2S to prevent release as a gas that produces odor and facilitates corrosion. ALKA-Mag+ is safe to handle and cost effective with many benefits that reduce treatment costs at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

Diagram of HYDROGEN SULFIDE (H2S) GAS | IER Wastewater Solutions
ALKA-Mag+ for odor and corrosion control

ALKA-Mag+ (60% Mg(OH)2) has a higher neutralizing value per pound than any other alkaline additive.  This translates into a 40% reduction in chemical usage when compared with caustic soda, while being significantly safer for operators to handle and more nutritive for the microorganisms being maintained – making it the most cost-effective option.

* In 2022, AMALGAM-60 was renamed ALKA-Mag+, improved stability, flowability, and reactivity from IER & Calix’s synergy.

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Key Benefits

Attractive cost savings

while ALKA-Mag+ is typically more expensive then 50% NaOH on a “price per unit” basis, it is significantly less expensive in use – because every 1.0 lb of 50% NaOH can be replaced by 0.6 lbs of 60% Mg(OH)2 to provide the same number of moles of hydroxide (OH) for pH neutralization.


the strong buffering characteristics of ALKA-Mag+ are key in its success to lock in the pH to hold H2S in solution in the treated sewer lines, eliminating odor and gas-phase corrosion of H2S; with benefits at the treatment plant.


magnesium is a macronutrient, the core element of chlorophyll (makes everything green!) – while sodium is a salinity hazard.


non-hazardous for employees to handle, corrosion free, spill is not reportable.

H2S is highly toxic…

At just 0.0047 ppm, your customers will start detecting the characteristic ‘rotten egg’ smell of H2S.

H2S toxicity graph | IER Wastewater Solutions

Better neutralization, less costs

Made with high surface area MgO (200m2 /gm),ALKA-Mag+ provides excellent neutralisation speed and produces less sludge, making it a much more stable product, which stays as a suspension longer compared to other Magnesium Hydroxide slurries.

  • Low viscosity – flows easily in most dosing systems
  • Higher neutralization potential – better cost and usage efficiency
  • Reduced sludge – easier disposal (less costs)
  • Safe to handle / non hazardous (corrosion free)
  • Buffers at pH 9 if overdosed – better stability

Customer Stories

August 14, 2020 \ ACTI-Mag \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Municipalities
Odor control using Magnesium hydroxide at South Coast Water District, Orange County

Magnesium hydroxide reduces the odor to manageable levels at South Coast Water District, Orange County, United-States.

November 10, 2020 \ ACTI-Mag \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Food & Beverage
Caustic soda replacement at a fruit processing plant

A food processing plant in the Pacific Northwest that manufactures fruit products was generating acidic wastewater and looking for a

Watch our webinar: A total odor Control Solution

IER offers a complete solution when it comes to hydrogen sulphide elimination, which is the primary cause of the majority of odour complaints from municipal wastewater systems. This webinar covers the application, benefits and service options available for councils and water authorities that wish to apply Magnesium Hydroxide in their network.

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