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We pride ourselves in being a wastewater treatment partner.

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IER takes pride in being a technically credible wastewater treatment company, not simply a magnesium hydroxide supplier.

IER is a supplier of environmentally friendly water and wastewater treatment chemicals and equipment.

IER offers Magnesium Hydroxide-based products as safe, earth-friendly alternatives to the use of caustic soda for pH neutralization, along with proprietary polymer solids removal technologies.

Owned by Calix, an Australian company with global operations, IER brings 20 years of experience working with plant engineers and operators to offer the most cost-effective solutions for their specific needs.

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Based in Spokane, Washington, IER primarily services the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest with plant locations in Sioux City, Iowa; Muscatine, Iowa; Lufkin, Texas;
Centralia, Washington and Pasco, Washington.

We take pride in providing high-quality products, technical credibility in the applications of water, process water, and wastewater treatment, dedicated delivery specialists and equipment, and proactive on-site technical service.

IER has products and expertise in applications such as:


  1. Foundation of IER


    In 1997, Dick Handley created Inland Environmental Resources (IER) in order to provide local manufacturing and supply of environmentally-friendly Magnesium Hydroxide products for the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Primary market and product development


    IER's primary market was the specialty potato industry that had recently changed from a lye peeling process to the use of steam, resulting in a wastewater stream that flipped from being highly alkaline to slightly acidic.

    After a few years of product development and on-site testing, it was found that Magnesium Hydroxide provided the most cost-effective and safe option for boosting the pH while also providing polymer reduction and sludge reduction.

  3. A growing team


    Dr Doug Kelley is added to the team to spearhead product quality improvements and sales growth.  At the time, Doug had small children who asked what he did; his response was simply that “we help folks clean their water after they use it”. 

  4. Rapid expansion


    Within a few years, IER expands operations to include five manufacturing plants stretching from the Pacific Northwest to Lake Michigan across the northern tier states and Canada.

  5. Acquisition


    In 2019, IER was purchased by Calix Australia, with plans to further expand the offerings and markets for continued IER growth. 

  6. A recognized leader in Magnesium Hydroxide based solutions for wastewater


    Today, IER is a recognized leader in the application of Magnesium Hydroxide-based products for wastewater treatment.

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.  (Pres. T. Roosevelt)

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September 14, 2020 \ ACTI-Mag \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Food & Beverage
Achieving sustainable dairy wastewater management with magnesium hydroxide

ALKA-Mag+, an innovative magnesium hydroxide slurry, was used by a dairy processor in the Pacific Northwest to provide better pH

November 10, 2020 \ ACTI-Mag \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Food & Beverage
Caustic soda replacement at a fruit processing plant

A food processing plant in the Pacific Northwest that manufactures fruit products was generating acidic wastewater and looking for a

September 11, 2020 \ ACTI-Mag \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Food & Beverage
Converting from caustic to magnesium hydroxide

Spokane County Regional Water Reclamation Facility, operated by Jacobs, processes 8 million gallons per day (mgd) of wastewater collected from


January 18, 2024
ALKA-Mag+ Mg(OH)2: alternative to caustic soda for wastewater treatment – with IER’s Lufkin TX facility

A safe and cost-effective alternative to the use of sodium hydroxide [caustic soda, NaOH] for wastewater alkalinity and pH adjustment

January 06, 2024
IER News Issue 12 – January 2024

A Letter from Doug Kelley, President of IER Hi everyone! I hope everybody had a very relaxing and Merry Christmas!

January 06, 2024
Introducing Gunnar Walter Delivery Specialist – Centralia WA

Before coming to work at IER Gunnar lived in San Francisco where he waited tables during the day, and in

IER works cooperatively with our parent company, Calix Ltd. (www.calix.global), along with our customers, engineers, and partners worldwide, to extract the best understanding of every industrial situation in order to create a positive sustainable difference for the long-term.

Because there is only one Earth.

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