Alkalinity & pH control

A safe and cost effective alternative to the use of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) or other chemicals for wastewater alkalinity and pH adjustment.

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  •  Is low pH adversely affecting your treatment process ?
  • Trouble with your water and its alkalinity ?
  • Excess usage of lime and caustic soda leading to higher operations and maintenance cost ?
  • Do you have safety concerns with operators handling hazardous chemicals ?

The role of alkalinity in wastewater treatment

Alkalinity can be defined as the ability of a water to neutralize acid or to absorb hydrogen ions. In municipal and industrial wastewater, many factors contribute to alkalinity such as the type of dissolved inorganic and organic compounds present in the water, the amount of suspended organic matter in the water, the presence or absence of free hydroxide alkalinity, the amount of bicarbonate in the water, or the bicarbonate to dissolved CO2 ratio etc.

The ability to strongly buffer wastewater within a desired pH range as it undergoes treatment is crucial to maintaining optimal conditions for microbiological activity and reliable wastewater treatment performance.  Alkalinity is what provides strong pH buffering, which is why it is so important for the wastewater treatment industry.

ALKA-Mag+ to stabilise pH and boost alkalinity

ALKA-Mag+ (60% Mg(OH)2) has a higher neutralizing value per pound than any other alkaline additive.  This translates into a 40% reduction in chemical usage when compared with caustic soda, while being significantly safer for operators to handle and more nutritive for the microorganisms being maintained – making it the most cost-effective option.

* In 2022, AMALGAM-60 was renamed ALKA-Mag+, improved stability, flowability, and reactivity from IER & Calix’s synergy.

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Key Benefits

High neutralization potential without high pH
Reduced sludge volume making for lower cost disposal
Eliminate sodium discharge issues by substituting for caustic
Safer to handle than traditional neutralization chemicals (Lime and Caustic)



More alkalinity than caustic soda

When an alkaline compound dissolves in water it produces hydroxide ions, OH. These ions are responsible for the alkalinity of the solution.

Because magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) provides two hydroxides for alkalinity compared to one with NaOH (caustic soda), the usage rate for Mg(OH)2 is much less than that required for NaOH.

Lower cost-per-pound ≠ cheaper

While ALKA-Mag+ is typically more expensive then 50% NaOH on a “price per unit” basis, it is significantly less expensive in use – because every 1.0 lb of 50% NaOH can be replaced by 0.6 lbs of 60% Mg(OH)2 to provide the same number of moles of hydroxide (OH) for pH neutralization.

Safer and greener means more savings

Unlike caustic soda, ALKA-Mag+ is non-hazardous and non-corrosive, which makes it easier and safer to handle. Spills are not reportable.

Because magnesium is a macronutrient – it is the core element of chlorophyll (makes leaves green!) – it is also beneficial to the environment, while sodium from caustic soda is a salinity hazard.

Magnesium also has coagulation properties that sodium does not. This can result in reduced sludge volume and reduced sludge hauling fees.

Caustic (sodium hydroxide) is strongly irritating and corrosive. It can cause severe burns and permanent damage to skin tissue ⇒

Customer Stories

August 14, 2020 \ ACTI-Mag \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Municipalities
Odor control using Magnesium hydroxide at South Coast Water District, Orange County

Magnesium hydroxide reduces the odor to manageable levels at South Coast Water District, Orange County, United-States.

December 14, 2018 \ ACTI-Mag \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Municipalities
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in wastewater odor control case study, El Centro

Magnesium hydroxide ( Mg(OH)2 ) reduces the odor to manageable levels at El Centro, Southern California, United-States.

October 07, 2020 \ ACTI-Mag \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Food & Beverage
Replacing caustic soda with magnesium hydroxide for metal ion precipitation

A microelectronics manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest was using a complex system of chemical additions in order to effectively remove

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A safe and cost-effective alternative to the use of sodium hydroxide [caustic soda, NaOH] for wastewater alkalinity and pH adjustment

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