Here you will find videos about Calix technology, IER solutions for wastewater, interviews with professionals or technical webinars.

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IER – based in Spokane, Washington, United States – is a fully owned subsidiary of Calix.

About Calix – our parent company

Calix is a team of dedicated people developing a unique, patented technology to provide industrial solutions that address global sustainability challenges.

Calix technology is being used to develop more environmentally friendly solutions for advanced batteries, crop protection, aquaculture, wastewater, and carbon reduction.

Calix develops its technology via a global network of research and development collaborations, including governments, research institutes and universities, some of world’s largest companies, and a growing customer base and distributor network for its commercialised products and processes.

Because there’s only one Earth – Mars is for Quitters.

Production of AMALGAM-60 Magnesium Hydroxide at IER Pasco plant in WA

We take pride in providing high-quality products, technical credibility in the applications of water, process water, and wastewater treatment, dedicated delivery specialists and equipment, and proactive on-site technical service.

AMALGAM Mg(OH)2: alternative to caustic soda for wastewater treatment – with Birch Bay Water & Sewer

AMALGAM-60 provides a highly reactive source of magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) for use in chemical processing, water treatment, and wastewater treatment applications. AMALGAM-60 offers a safe, non-hazardous means of effective acid neutralization, coagulation, H2S and heavy metals removal in wastewater and process streams.

Watch our technical webinars

Better pH & Alkalinity Control

A very informative, yet brief session from Dr Doug Kelley, one of the field leaders in pH and alkalinity control – to understand the basic chemistry that lies under the pH measurement and how alkalinity and other chemicals can affect wastewater treatment. Also learn about the differences between using caustic, lime and soda ash for pH control or  the cost benefits of using Magnesium Hydroxide products.

Solutions for Winery Wastewater

When at a winery, the last thing you want to think about is wastewater. And for most wineries, environmental impact of their operations is usually top of mind. Management of pH, alkalinity and anaerobic processes are critical to ensure that wastewater treatment system provides peace of mind, minimal odor and hassle-free operations at the winery.

Boosting Energy from a Cogeneration Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic digestion is a way of adding value to operations. It consists of converting organic matter present in the wastewater sludge into biogas for energy, while reducing the organic load in the treated water. But biogas production can be tricky. In this webinar, Michael explains how you can use Magnesium Hydroxide to improve wastewater treatment performance and boost biogas generation.

A Total Odor Control Solution

IER offers a complete solution when it comes to hydrogen sulfide elimination, which is the primary cause of the majority of odor complaints from municipal wastewater systems. This webinar covers the application, benefits and service options available for councils and water authorities that wish to apply Magnesium Hydroxide in their network.

Local Customer Service

IER provides innovative, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective wastewater treatment chemicals and solutions across the globe, with a mission to ensure you receive excellent customer service and technical support, wherever you are located.

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