Introducing Theresa Kelley

Bookkeeper at IER

John Van Wingerden \ November 3, 2022

Prior to working at IER, Theresa was an administrative assistant and bookkeeper in the Skagit Valley area just north of Seattle, working for numerous companies in car sales, manufacturing, private flight services, and a college.  Most recently she decided to obtain her Paralegal Associates Degree and joined a Yakima, WA law firm.

Theresa began work at IER in January 2016 as a part-time administrative assistant.  When IER’s previous bookkeeper retired in early 2020, She accepted the challenge to become IER’s Full Charge Bookkeeper, providing invaluable support and guidance through the sale to Calix and the expansion that IER is currently undergoing..  Theresa is now in the process of transitioning back to a part-time role while maintaining a focus on HR and accounting responsibilities.

She enjoys a relaxing evening at home with a glass of wine and a TV show, or the occasional night out with music and friends.  Theresa is looking forward to less work hours and more time for a regular gym routine, book reading, bible study, visiting family, and exploring the world.

IER Solution

Over the years, IER have helped many customers, from a range of industries, with their wastewater challenges. The strength and success of our organisation is due to quality of our products and the commitment of our team.



January 18, 2024
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