IER News Issue 7
March 2022

John Van Wingerden \ March 31, 2022

A Letter from Doug Kelley, President of IER

Welcome to Spring of 2022, everybody!  I thought I’d begin this letter by sharing the core values of who we are as a company, and as a division of our global parent – Calix Limited.  We have defined our core values using the word SPIRIT, as described below:

Sense of urgency means we embrace the rate of change necessary to minimize the effects of climate change and are committed to making a sustainable future a reality for all.

Positive impact is what drives us to work every morning – driven to use our unique skills to repair, maintain, and prevent future harm to our planet.

Innovation reflects our ability to think outside the box, to challenge each other, and adapt quickly to new opportunities.

Resolute means we are a purpose-driven company and determined to make a positive difference for the long-term.

Inclusive means we are fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, which is not just a moral imperative but a foundation to driving innovation and business success.

Teamwork is at foundation of our SPIRIT. We are a down-to-earth, caring, honest, ingenious and dedicated team of people united to solve global challenges.

In this newsletter, you will be introduced to an IER team member who embodies our SPIRIT, who has been with us for many, many years, providing his expertise and overall handyman skills to lead our manufacturing growth, as well as helping to identify opportunities for improvement in product quality.  No one knows better than the Plant Manager about the day-to-day variations in product quality, interacting closely with Plant Operators and IER Truck Drivers for their feedback on “how things are running”.  He has shown a fantastic ability to get the most out of his team with his willingness to lead by example when times are tough, and to show respect for all each and every day.

We are also highlighting in this newsletter the development of our new magnesium hydroxide product formulation that was born from the synergy of IER and Calix expertise!  You will learn about the development and performance of ALKA-Mag+ – our new 60% Mg(OH)2 formulation for addressing odor, corrosion, and FOG control in collection systems.  We are extremely excited about this achievement to provide dramatic cost and performance improvements for troublesome problems in the collection system, while simultaneously improving the nature of the sewage entering the treatment plant.



How new formulations are born…

Customer Success Story: Magnesium Hydroxide for Collection System Odor, Corrosion, and FOG Control

You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Tackle Odor and Corrosion Issues

Meet John Strong, Centralia Plant Manager at IER


How new formulations are born…

Joining forces with our parent company means being supported by world-class strategic, technical, operational, and corporate functions. This has led to the development of a new formulation – ALKA-Mag+, an improved formulation of magnesium hydroxide that will provide greater storage stability, feed reliability, and reactivity for our customers.

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Customer Success Story

Magnesium Hydroxide for Collection System Odor, Corrosion, and FOG Control

Birch Bay Water and Sewer District was able to use one non-hazardous product, ALKA-Mag+, to replace two chemical products (one of which was highly hazardous) to effectively address two performance issues:

  • Odor and corrosion control in the collection system
  • Nitrification within the treatment plant
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You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Tackle Odor and Corrosion Issues

There are numerous chemical methods to increase the pH of water.  However, many of those chemical options have severe negative implications.

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Our people

Introducing John Strong, Centralia Plant Manager

John Strong has literally been the man most responsible for building IER!  Since joining the company in 2007, John has been the primary IER Manager responsible for the design and construction of IER’s manufacturing plants, including the Centralia WA plant which he currently manages.  No one within IER knows more about the day-to-day operations of IER’s facilities than John, and he has been a tremendous resource for training new IER Plant Managers and Operators.

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